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cover of Divine Fury: A History of Genius, by Darrin M. McMahon, Basic Books 2013

Darrin M. McMahon

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Divine Fury: A History of Genius has been chosen by Brain Pickings as one of the best history books of the year; scroll to the #4 position on The 13 Best Biographies, Memoirs, and History Books of 2013. more reviews right arrow

Listen to host Jonathan Judaken and Dr. Darrin McMahon on the history of genius in the November 8th counterpoint interview on WKNO-FM. more interviews and podcasts right arrow

Watch "Deconstructing Genius: A conversation with Darrin M. McMahon" on Ideas Roadshow.

Divine Fury: A History of Genius, Basic Books 2013, has been released. It is the first comprehensive history of the elusive concept of genius, and follows the fortunes of genius and geniuses through the ages down to the present day, showing how — despite its many permutations and recent democratization — genius remains a potent force in our lives, reflecting modern needs, hopes, and fears. moreright arrow

Listen to the Podcast of Lewis Lapham's October 17th interview with Darrin M. McMahon on the topics of "Heroes of the Mind, Ecstasy of Possession, Secular Saints, Dawn of the Idols, Culture of Celebrity" : "The World in Time" (MP3) or via Bloomberg News: Lewis Lapham

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